Quiltfest At Last

This was the very first Quilt Show I have ever attended! I was expecting to see some really great quilts, but I must say, I was blown away! I am warning you now, this post is a VERY pic heavy!

If you have never been to a quilt show, like me, let me give you an idea  of what to expect. First, there are soooo many quilts! These are made by people from all over the world! All the quilts displayed were works of arts! I was amazed that some of the quilts looked more like paintings than quilts. There were also quilts that had so much texture, they were almost like sculptures!

These are the quilts that looked paintings!

These are the quilts that looked like sculptures!

This is one of the quilts being raffled off for a fundraiser for a quilt guild in Tampa! I am just waiting until they just send it to me since I won (wink,wink, right ladies?)

These are my two favorite quilts at the show!

Here are more amazing quilts.

I also want to send a shout out to the vendors! They had everything set up like a quilt shop and I am sure that was a huge task! Every vendor I talked to was super nice and most offered some discount or deal. So, to you guys, I say thank you!

I am looking forward to my next quilt show!!

Until next time, happy crafting!



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